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Success Stories

 We have retained James for several projects as well as ongoing programming needs for the last several years. James never fails to provide high quality work quickly. His knowledge of the Tapestry system allows him to ask the right questions and ensure he is delivering what we need and in the most efficient way possible. He is a wonderful resource and is a delight to work with. 

Tracy Smith, Systems Director, University of Utah Health Plan about James Shrader of ARCH Group

Wayne has been an exceptional instructor. He addresses the needs of each student by acknowledging that everyone learns differently. He is a pleasure to work with and thorough in his training.

Karen Joyce, Director Medical Management Pro Tem at MemorialCare Medical Group

 The knowledge and expertise in the AP Claims / Benefit Engine area by Kathy Becklund was instrumental in our successful implementation and go live. Kathy was a pleasure to work with and her willingness to not only contribute in the build process but to share her knowledge was invaluable. 

Jessica Lerner, Executive Director, Memorial Integrated Healthcare of Florida

 Michael is very personable, conscientious and has excellent problem solving skills. I worked with Michael on several projects and he never disappointed me. He is capable of seeing the big picture and yet never loses track of the details that need to be considered. 

Peg Samuelson, Director, Managed Care, Dupage Medical Group

 James worked with me on multiple projects. He provided user friendly error reports for our Enrollment Department and they were thrilled with that tool set. James’ knowledge of the Epic system, his ability to provide custom solutions and his willingness to work with our user community across all skill levels is a key for us meeting our organizational goals. 

Sandy Blum, Application Specialist, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

 During my time at Group Health Cooperative, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a couple Tapestry projects. She was able to assist with a review of all the contractual setups within Tapestry. She was able to streamline them to increase auto adjudication and reduce on-going contract maintenance. She was instrumental with setting up Tapestry to handle a new PPO arrangement. I found her to be very hard working, a problem solver, collaborative, willing to share her ideas and thoughts, respectful of staff and respectful of the organizational decisions. She is someone that truly wants to use her skills and experience to see the organization continue to succeed. 

Bob Mielke, Insurance Operations Manager, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

 The consultants at ARCH Group are unparalleled in both Epic experience and overall managed care business acumen. Their expertise spans the spectrum of Tapestry and related EDI functionality. They have served vital roles in not only the Epic build and implementation but also as key advisors in our overall process redesign. Without their assistance it would not have been possible to achieve the levels of success we have. 

Steven Beal, CIO, MemorialCare Health System

 ARCH Group consultants were knowledgeable on Epic products and in system migration methodologies. They provided subject matter expertise in a quality and professional manner. They joined the Unity team with the same enthusiasm, dedication and pride as the Unity staff. The value of their contributions allowed Unity to exceed our expectations with the Tapestry implementation. 

Gail Midlikowski, Vice President & Debbie Schiffman, Director of Operations, Unity Health Insurance

 I would definitely recommend the ARCH Group. I worked on several projects with them. Their team is highly knowledgeable. They do quality work. And they are good people to work with. Someone once suggested to me that vendor selection should include this question, "Would you take this vendor home to supper?" The ARCH Group are folks you would take home to supper. 

Galen Metz, retired CIO of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin

 ARCH Group provided us the expertise that we needed for implementation of the Epic’s Tapestry System. With their knowledge and the background of these consultants in their content area we had a successful go live. 

Jessica Lerner, Executive Director, Memorial Integrated Healthcare of Florida

 The consultants at the ARCH Group were wonderful to work with. They provided unparalleled Epic experience and leadership that really helped us solve the most challenging issues facing our project. Our go live was so successful in part because of the outstanding contributions from the team at the ARCH Group. 

Vicky G. Wilson, Director of Health Plans, University of Utah

 Michael was a key partner for me in his role as implementation manager at Epic and was instrumental in taking my concept of how to leverage their product from concept to implementation. He was a great contributor from developing the business case to managing a complex and challenging implementation. Michael was always resourceful, knowledgeable and adaptable. Chances are the project would not have been as successful or possibly would not have been done, without his contributions. 

Charles DeShazer, M.D., Vice President & National Director at Kaiser Permanente

 I have rarely worked with a consultant of Barbara’s level. She is a pleasure to work with. She is effective working in groups with anyone at any level. She balances candor and sensitivity to encourage the exchange of productive ideas and is respected by our Claims Team and throughout our organization. Barbara effectively establishes project goals and milestones. She demonstrates excellent judgment and flexibility when adjustments are necessary. 

Marty Astor, Director of Claims, MemorialCare Medical Foundation about Barbara Olk of ARCH Group

 Michael is very professional and works hard to help his customers achieve their results. He provides expert advice and goes out of his way to quickly resolves issues to ensure success. He is both pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. 

Jerry Najdowski, Project Director, Kaiser Permanente speaking about Michael Heuer of ARCH Group